Access Control and Surveillance

Security technology today for your business or home is more than just a beeping alarm panel – it’s about access, biometrics, remote monitoring, lighting, control & integration with other aspects of your life and workflow.

Audio and Video

Whether you need a 16’ interactive display wall for your global conference center or an outdoor room sound system that will shake the mulch but not the neighbors – we can help. Intelligent sound & video management means engineering technology that matches your needs and budget.

Collaboration and Communication Systems

Yes, virtual and mobile collaboration technologies can make you more productive, be easy to use and cost effective. But there are also new conference room technologies that will change how you work……for the better.

Solar Energy

The idea of solar power has been around for decades – but now is the time to determine if solar power generation is smart for your home or business. Current technological advancements make it financially intelligent to invest in a solar power generation plant for your home or business. Intelligent Systems will help you make the right decision and give you the most advanced solar system.

Recreational Engineering

Well, our engineers wanted this product segment to be called “Fun” but marketing didn’t like it. Nevertheless, tech can be cool too:  think golf and sports simulators, mobile theater for your RV, or insanely fun foam dart rifles. We solve problems and make engineering – fun.