Glow in the Dark Double Switch Wall Plate


Item Description:

  • Created for double gang outlets
  • Allows for easy spotting in the dark
  • Recommended to those who have a hard time seeing in the dark
  • Standard wall plate size
  • Direct light will increase the effect of the glow in the dark capabilities

Product Specs:

  • 4.5″ x 4.5″  (approximate height x width in inches)
  • Designed and printed using professional 3D techniques so each print can vary
  • Printed from a PLA (thermoplastic from polyactide) which is sourced from renewable sources, unlike petroleum-based plastics)

Actual model may vary slightly from the pictures due to improvements and/or the printing process.



Additional information

Product Description

While every effort is made during the printing process to adhere to the highest quality standards – there can be slight variations in color and shape from print to print.  Please also note that Intelligent Systems reserves to right to make changes to the design that may not be reflected in the pictures / media – whenever we figure out ways to make the model even awesomer.